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PostSubject: Donations Information   Donations Information I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 19, 2014 4:55 am

As you may know our Server cost money to run so donations can help us keep the Server Online.

At the moment, the only donation option is Instant VIP without having 5000 score, which costs 5euro.

What's the benefits of V.I.P?

- Special typing tag with yellow colour. (ex. V.I.P - Nickname(id): text)
- Special items that you can attach on you. (ex. Dick, Fire, etc)
- Special tuned vehicles that you can spawn straight away. (ex. Elegy, Sultan, etc)
- Ability to use weapons in Normal world. (ex. AK-47, Uzi, etc)
- Ability to change your fighting style (ex. Boxing, Kugfu, etc)
- Ability to change your colour in the chat (ex. Green, Yellow, etc)
- Ability to change your vehicle's license plate.
- A command that you can count. (Visible to other players in a specific range also)
- A command that you can see all player's Country.
- V.I.P Area that you can chill with other V.I.P players.
- Supporters will be able to buy 5 houses and not 3.
- Currently working on implementing more interesting features!

If you need help or more information, then create a Thread below.

NOTE: Donations are NOT necessary and we don't force anyone to do. You can also get FREE V.I.P by having 5000 score.

SPECIAL THANKS: Stifex and IntroMakerGR for supporting us!
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Donations Information
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